Wireless Networks


This is the most important stage for an effective, efficient wireless solution. The more thorough it is, the fewer problems you’ll experience from conception to completion. Halo Technology’s approach to this is more meticulous than most, both simplifying and speeding up the job for our installation teams.

RF Surveys

A comprehensive Radio Frequency Survey is recommended and provides your business with a fully illustrated report detailing:

  • the presence of RF interference that could effect your wireless network
  • full spectrum analysis
  • supported data rates and recommend access points
  • guide on antenna selection, orientation and polarisation
  • channel selection recommendations


The biggest challenge in deploying Wireless Technology in your organisation is the security of your Data. At Halo Technology we see this as paramount and build robust security into our design process.

We recommend AirMagnet for wireless security and intrusion detection, with its industry leading protection against hundreds of wireless threats.

Wireless Health Checks

To combat interference from outside sources and the ever-present possibility that an outsider may try to penetrate your business’ new network, our Wireless Health Check will reveal exactly what you need to protect it.

Wireless Network Support

Our flexible support solutions can be tailored to include:

  • project support and transition into existing support teams
  • third line support escalation
  • 24/7 or after hours telephone support
  • on-site presence for larger organisations
  • assistance with disaster recovery