In this day and age threats to your data can come from inside your network, outside your network, or wirelessly. Whether your business is looking at a full network installation or just a change of your existing infrastructure, Halo Technology can provide the IT consultancy design and installation services to avoid potentially damaging security breaches and threats.

Online security is also a big concern given the exposure of corporate data resources to the publicly accessible internet. Our priority is to protect your network from the outside with a solution that can be simply controlled and monitored from the inside.

Wired security

If your business relies on a wired network, it’s worth reviewing your security measures to protect against new and increasingly smarter hazards. We can advise and install the best firewalls and intrusion detection products from:

  • Juniper Netscreen - Protected network, ideal for offices and branch premises or remote sites to enable enterprises and service providers to deliver secure, cost-effective Internet connections
  • Cisco – excel in a number of categories, including Identity, Perimeter Security, Data Privacy, Security Monitoring, Policy Management and Identity and Network Access Control
  • Checkpoint – With their acquisition of the Nokia Security Appliance Business they have a premier market position in security appliances, gateways, management and endpoint security.
  • ForeScout – ForeScout is a true best-of-breed NAC solution, hitting on all the major points that customers demand in a NAC appliance. Call us to organise a 2 week trial of the ForeScout Counteract product.

Wireless Security

We recommend AirMagnet (Enterprise for large businesses) for wireless network security for active, full-time protection against intrusion and hundreds of other wireless threats including:

  • Wireless vulnerabilities
  • Denial-of Service attacks
  • MAC spoofing
  • Fragmentation attacks
  • Evil twins
  • Unapproved connections and
  • Scores of wireless hacking and reconnaissance tools.

All threats and devices can be traced and located, blocked with both wired and wireless suppression methods and saved for forensic analysis. The enterprise WLAN monitoring solution provides continuous scanning of all Wifi channels including all 200 extended 11a channels to ensure there are no blind spots.

Don’t risk an insecure network, your business depends on it – call us ASAP